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When a Laceration to the Hand Needs Medical Attention

When a Laceration to the Hand Needs Medical Attention

A laceration is a cut. It's possible for a laceration to the hand to injure a nerve. This type of injury can cause numbness, loss of feeling, and weakness in the hand, finger, or thumb.

In some cases, bruising or swelling around the nerve will cause numbness or tingling for a few days. After this, normal feeling and function should return. If the feeling doesn’t return within a week to 10 days, the nerve has likely been cut. In this case, I will want to look at your injury. I’ll determine if a nerve repair is necessary. A nerve repair is a surgery that locates the ends of the nerve and I “sew” them together. 

Here are some signs that you’ll need to call me about your laceration:

  • Fever of 100°F or higher
  • Increasing pain in the wound
  • Redness, swelling, or pus coming from the wound
  • Stitches come apart (before you follow up appointment)
  • Wound edges reopen
  • Bleeding that is not controlled by direct pressure
  • Weakness or "dropping" of a finger or thumb

If you have any of these additional symptoms to your laceration, contact me at 915-249-4000.