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Traveling Pain

We just posted on managing pain while traveling, but what if you aren't going on vacation and you have "traveling pain?" We’re talking about pain that starts in one part of the body and travels to another.

Traveling pain is a term used to describe the sensation of discomfort that feels like it is traveling along the path of a nerve, or bones and/or joints. Traveling pain can be extremely painful, unpredictable and very disruptive to normal activities. 

Depending on the cause, origin and severity of the traveling pain, a number of treatment options may exist. Ortho El Paso may recommend a course of conservative therapies, including physical therapy, hot and cold compression therapy, pain medication or steroid injections to help treat your traveling pain without the use of surgical intervention. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to relieve the pain.

If you are experiencing traveling pain, you need to seek the help of an orthopaedic surgeon immediately. Call Ortho El Paso for a consultation at 915-249-4000 or visit us at