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The 2 Kinds of Knee Replacement Surgery: Which is Right for You?

A partial knee replacement is when only a portion of the knee joint is replaced. The surgery may be recommended for patients who have pain in just one area of the knee. Traditionally, this procedure is done with a smaller incision and the recovery time is much shorter. Usually, people can resume some activities in a matter of days after the surgery. Full use of the knee resumes only weeks after the surgery (not true for all patients, but for most on average).

Total Knee Replacement
In a total knee replacement, more parts of the knee are replaced. This procedure is a little more difficult and involved. People with major pain throughout the knee typically receive total knee replacement surgery. Recovery for total knee replacement is longer and a little more involved. Our surgeon can tell you more.

For both, it is important that the patient get moving as soon as possible in a prescribed aftercare therapy program. Physical therapy usually begins the same day as the surgery. “Patients can start walking the same day of the surgery,” says Dr. Jason Vourazeris, Orthopedic Surgeon at Ortho El Paso. “Immediately moving through the physical therapy is the key to a total recovery,” he said. With good therapy, and by following all of the surgeon's rules, patients are feeling very good in about three months following knee replacement surgery. (Not true for all patients, but for most on average).

While post-surgical infections are rare, it is important to take your prescribed medicines until the surgeon tells you to stop…this is especially true of the antibiotic. You’ll also be told how to identify possible signs of infection in case you have those symptoms. In that case, you will want to seek immediate medical attention.

After a year or so, you won’t even realize you have had knee surgery. You’ll have regained total function of the knee and be able to participate in all of the activities you did before surgery.

Not sure which is right for you? Schedule a consultation with our orthopedic surgeon in El Paso...Dr. Jason Vourazeris.