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Thumb tendonitis or "texting thumb" is a condition where the tendons of the thumb get inflamed from an overuse injury. One of the biggest reason is the larger sizes of the smartphones these days which makes it difficult for the thumb to reach the other end of the keypads. Not only the thumb, but even the wrist may get affected by the heavy weights of the smartphones.

So, what's a popular person to do?

The best cure is to avoid overuse. It is always good to put the phone down for a few hours on a regular basis. Or, use the “text-to-speech” feature on the phones to avoid typing.

Other ways to avoid this painful condition:
o Use the phone on a stable surface, like a table, and then do the typing
o Use both hands for cradling the phone
o Switch hands frequently, giving the other hand some rest
o Use ice in case of inflammation or severe pain
o Stretch the thumb, wrist, and forearm tendons and muscles anatomically once in a while
o Call the orthopedic surgeon for a consultation on the severity of your texting thumb