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Tennis Elbow: Causes and Treatment Options

Much like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the hand, Tennis Elbow is caused by repetitive motion of tendons and muscles but in the elbow. However, with Tennis Elbow, the motion is usually much more forceful and the injury a little more serious.

The reason the syndrome is called Tennis Elbow is because it is very common for tennis players to suffer from it. Other causes may be use the same tool, like a wrench, that requires forceful use of the elbow. Even chopping onions by chefs has been known to cause Tennis Elbow. Over a long period of time, the tendons on the inside or backside of the elbow will be affected by these activities causing elbow pain and tendon damage.

Fortunately, surgery to repair Tennis Elbow is many times minor and done as outpatient surgery. General anesthesia is usually provided for this surgery. During surgery, the unhealthy part of the tendon is removed. A “suture anchor” may be necessary during the surgery to make the repair. Sometimes, tennis elbow surgery is done arthroscopically which requires a very small opening to insert a camera and proceed with the surgical solution above. After, the wound is closed with stitches.

Recovery from Tennis Elbow surgery should be very easy and usually relieves the pain very quickly. But, like any medical procedure, a full recovery before returning to the activity that created the problem should be followed. Many patients should lay off the sports or activity that caused the damage for four to six months. However, other exercise that does not require use of the elbow is recommended to continue best health practices.

You will likely be prescribed a pain reliever, like ibuprofen, following surgery to manage the pain. But, pain should be very minor. Some more serious cases are required to wear elbow splints or braces during recovery to let the muscles and tendons continue to heal.

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