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Summer Heat and Arthritis

It’s not your imagination…the summer heat is making your joints feel more “swollen.”

For those who suffer from arthritis or chronic joint problems, summer heat can create unbearable pain. Have you ever noticed that when you walk or work outside for a period of time in the summer heat that your fingers get fatter and feel a lot of pressure? The summer heat has altered the level of fluid that fills your joints resulting in inflammation and pain and it can also affect the stiffness or laxity in your tendons, muscles and ligaments. It is very likely that your arthritis will flare up more in the summertime due to the heat and humidity…and the more swollen your joints, the more pain you’ll feel.

To minimize joint pain during hot summer weather, you can do the following:

Visit the orthopedic specialist. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons will diagnose your pain and provide an appropriate treatment program.

Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water help fight inflammation and keep joints well lubricated.

Stay inside where it’s cooler. With El Paso’s extremely hot summers, it’s not healthy for a person who suffers from arthritis to be in so much heat.

Don’t overdo it. Doing so will leave you more swollen and suffering from more pain. Stay aware of your pain and know when to quit.

Chronic conditions will have flare-ups no matter the outdoor temperature but summer does cause our bodies to have more painful symptoms. For treatment of painful arthritis, call Ortho El Paso. Our orthopedic surgeons will properly diagnose your pain and suggest a best plan to treatment and relief.