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Strong Wind Gusts Can Cause Falls. But, It Could Be Something Else Causing Your Stumbles.

El Paso weathercasters are warning of high winds for the next few days. For some, these gusts will create a higher danger of falls, especially for aging adults.

If you unfortunately suffer a fall, do all you can do to be proactive about getting the right kind of medical treatment after. All too often a medical visit after a fall is mainly about addressing any injuries that you may have suffered. Obviously, this is very important! But, did you know that a fall may also be a symptom of another illness? Why?

There are three major reasons for falls in older adults:

o   A fall can be a sign of a new and serious medical problem that needs treatment. For instance, an older person can be weakened and fall because of illnesses such as dehydration, or a serious urinary tract infection.

o   Older adults who have fallen are at higher risk for a future fall. Although it’s a good idea for any older person to be proactive about identifying and reducing fall risk factors, it’s vital to do this well after a fall.

o   Studies have shown that older patients often don’t seek the recommended care they should. By being proactive in your care and sharing they instances of injuries that are out of the ordinary (like falls), older adults can make sure that certain things aren’t overlooked (such as medications that worsen balance).

If you want to help prevent future falls, it’s important to make sure the doctors have checked on all the things that could have contributed to this fall. A good evaluation can uncover issues that made those trips and stumbles more likely.

If you need orthopedic medical help after your fall, call the caring, compassionate doctors of Ortho El Paso at 915-249-4000. You will be seen immediately and provided the expert care you need for your best healing.