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Starting an Exercise Program for Less Joint Pain

It’s almost another new year…that time we all resolve to start exercising. But, what if you have bad bones and achy joints already? Some of us are thinking, “how am I going to start exercising, my body hurts all of the time?” Should you exercise or will that be creating bigger issues and more pain?


Medical research shows that inflammation is actually reduced when one regularly exercises. Exercise doesn’t have to be brutal or high impact. Exercise can simply be walking or riding a stationary bike at a comfortable pace.

Exercise also strengthens muscles. Again, research shows that using light free weights can build muscles and lessen the pain in bones and joints that are affected by arthritis. “When the muscles are stronger around the joints, it increases blood flow to them. This can minimize pain and discomfort,” says Dr. Vourazeris.

Best of all, exercise is healthy for the mind. When we exercise, we automatically feel better. Maybe you’ll even lose weight or just like the way you look more. It doesn’t take long to gain a healthy mind and body with exercise. Start today and feel better about yourself.

Adding just a few simple exercises is a great way to get healthier joints. It can also help you minimize or better manage pain. There are many reasons to exercise. Big ones, of course include reducing the odds of developing heart disease, bad joints, stroke and diabetes. The best ones are you are likely to live a happier, more active and fulfilling life with less pain.

To get started on an exercise plan, visit your family doctor or work with a certified physical trainer. Be truthful about your level of fitness at the beginning. And, keep with it! Results come quickly and you’ll love the way you feel.