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Spring is in the Air. So are These Health Concerns.

When the winds go away and El Paso’s spring weather is perfect, people are ready to play outdoors. It’s a relief from the long days inside—especially true during these times of pandemic isolation. But, spring also is the time for illnesses and health-related problems. Being aware of potential springtime triggers can help you enjoy a healthy start to the season.


Seasonal Allergies

Flowering and budding trees are our biggest threat of allergies. They release pollen into the spring air causing reactions from skin irritation to sneezing and wheezing to the more severe respiratory issues. 

Normally, uou can battle springtime allergens with over the counter medications. To know this, these allergy medications work best when they are in your system before you’re exposed to pollens. So, it is wise to start your medicines about two weeks before you know you’ll be exposing yourself to more allergy triggers by being outdoors. You can get pollen counts online or through the local weather forecast. 



Like seasonal allergies, if you suffer from asthma, it may flare up more in the spring because common triggers include pollen, yard fertilizers, and insect repellants are being put into the air. And, don’t forget potential indoor triggers. Spring cleaning solutions, more dust from window openings and chemicals not normally used in other seasons are going to be big triggers for your asthma. Immediately contact your doctor if you have trouble controlling your asthma symptoms. 


The Common Cold

Many people associate getting a cold with the cold weather of winter. But did you know that spring is peak time for “rhinoviruses,” like the common cold. A rhonovirus (means infections in the nose) is the cause about half of all common colds. Rhinoviruses may also cause some sore throats, ear infections, and infections of the sinuses (openings in the bone near the nose and eyes). They may also cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but this is less common. These viruses spread easily from person to person. Remember basic prevention strategies—wash your hands often, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and wear your mask. Not only is this the protection you need to prevent coronavirus, it will also protect you from getting the common cold.

Sports Injuries

Baseball, tennis, soccer and golf—just to name a few—are the most common sports that usually start up in spring. Professional athletes spend weeks and weeks in spring training before they start up in their sport. You probably don’t. So, use caution when returning to sports and activities you love. Try conditioning for a few weeks before your league starts up. Stretch before joining your game. And, most importantly, listen to your body…it will let you know when it needs to rest.


Happy Spring. Be safe, friends!