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Soccer and the ACL

Did you know that soccer is the sport that has the highest risk of ACL injury? It’s true. The incidence rate of ACL injury in soccer players is nearly 4%…that’s one in every 100 players.
It does make sense that this would be a high risk sport for ACL injury because the most common ways to injure one is suddenly slowing down or stopping and then changing direction. Receiving a direct blow to the knee in a collision is another way ACL injuries occur.
Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury usually include:
·        A loud "pop" or a "popping" sensation in the knee
·        Severe pain and inability to continue activity
·        Swelling that begins within a few hours
·        Loss of range of motion
·        A feeling of instability or "giving way" with weight bearing
The best way to treat an ACL injury is to rest. Ice the injured area to reduce any swelling and compress it with an elastic bandage when you do have to move around. Whenever you can, elevate the injured knee.

ACL injuries can heal themselves or with physical therapy, but the more serious injuries may require surgery. The surgery is quick and most times non-invasive. You can go home many times the same day. Recovery from an ACL surgery is generally between two to nine months. It is important that the ACL completely heal before returning to soccer.

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