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Safe Lifting Techniques

Many of us have jobs that require lifting. In fact, we often see statements like "must be able to lift 40 pounds" in today's job descriptions. But, employees say that in a job that requires lifting 40 pounds, they can only regularly lift 25 because of injury. Using improper llfting techniques often result in muscle strains, disc injuries to the joints and back. Muscle strains are the most common workplace injury.  

There are proper and safe techniques to lifting that you should know. Stretching and strenthening may help prevent orthopedic injury and can be done in and outside of the workplace but should be done at the start of your day. For lifting, feet should be shoulder width apart, knees bent and back straight. Proceed with the lift by tightening the abdominal muscles and lift with your legs. Lift close to the body. Finally, if too heavy, get help! 

There are mechanical machines that can assist with lifting. If you frequently have to lift very heavy objects at work, ask about getting a pallet jack or whatever machine can assist with lifting the loads.

Here a great YouTube video that we've borrowed from a state-funded workplace training that hits the mark!