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"Patients First"...It is Our Number One Priority

A Five Star Google Review from Nora M. says it best:

​"I just scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Mitchell, and dealt with a VERY nice employee. She told me she had an appointment available tomorrow! In my experience, this is unheard of! I will update once I see the doctor, but I find it important to rate the staff as well.

UPDATE: So I arrived right before my appointment and was greeted very welcomely by the front office staff. Paperwork was quick and easy! I waited for all of 3 minutes before I was called in by Marcie. Very professional and kind! I had X-rays taken by yet another nice staff member. Once in the examing room, and after answering routine questions (maybe like 5 mins) Marcie assured me Dr. Mitchell would be right in. Sure enough, within a couple a minutes walked in a very professional and friendly doctor. He thoroughly examined my hand and gave me the positive results of the X-rays. No fracture but still put me on a plan for recovery. I checked out, no problem, paid my bill and was on my way in 30 minutes flat! I have never had that kind of experience in a doctor’s office. I am so happy Dr Mitchell offers his care on the east side of town and chose competent and friendly people to mimick his genuine kindness and care. I HIGHLY recommend El Paso Ortho, Dr. Mitchell AND staff!"