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Orthopedic Injuries in Children

The most common orthopedic injury in children is broken or fractured bones.

Children’s bones are not like an adult’s. They are soft and “fresh” as compared to an adult’s whose are dried-out and brittle.

Not all children’s bones or joint injuries will look crooked or have a significant loss of mobility. They will, however, mostly likely have bruising and swelling. An x-ray of the affected area is the only way to tell for certain how badly the child is injured.

Because children are still growing, a broken bone needs special attention and many times a different orthopedic treatment. Broken bones in children are most commonly treated with a cast or splint. More severe orthopedic injuries may require surgery. It is important that you choose a specialist who is skilled in the orthopedic treatment of children.

The good news is that children heal quickly…that is, if immediate diagnosis and treatment is administered by an orthopedic specialist. For prevention of orthopaedic injuries in children, make sure your child is fully equipped for all risks with the proper equipment and gear. And, always supervise their sports and/or rough play. These measures will lessen their risks for orthopaedic injury.

Drs. Jason Vourazeris and Justin S. Mitchell are skilled in orthopedic treatment for children in El Paso. For more information on Ortho El Paso, visit To schedule a consultation for your child, call 915-249-4000.