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Ortho El Paso is #ElPaSOPROUD

That Saturday our city was terrorized by a lone gunman who percolated such hatred he felt compelled to come to our great city and shoot our citizens is a day we will never forget. Nor, will we ever forget the victims who suffered at his incomprehensible acts.

We sympathize for the families of the loved ones lost. And, we pray for the recovery of those injured. We hope that this will be the end of such terrible violence, though we can’t be sure.

We are grateful to our own surgeons at Ortho El Paso, some of whom worked to help save victims from the shooting. It was our duty and our privilege to be able to do so. And, we’d do it again.

We chose El Paso for our orthopedic practice because of the wonderful citizens who live here, their welcoming kindness and their sense of community. And, we’ve never felt anything less than love and acceptance since our opening four years ago. Thank you, El Paso.

Some of us who work here at Ortho El Paso have lived here our whole lives and would never think of leaving. Some have returned, like orthopedic surgeons Jason Vourazeris, M.D. and Justin S. Mitchell, D.O., because they felt a belonging in El Paso like nowhere else. Others have settled here because of the warmth and kindness of the people who live here. All of us are grateful to be serving this community we call home.

Ortho El Paso. Expert Care. Close to Home.

At Ortho El Paso, we want you to feel as welcome as you have made us feel. We want you to know that you’ll be taken care of by a staff that truly cares. We don’t think that a visit to the orthopedic surgeon should be scary or intimidating. We want you to feel comfortable…like you are at home, with family because that is how you will be treated.

At Ortho El Paso, we are #elpasoproud and it will be our privilege to serve all of the citizens here with the best orthopedic care our city has to offer.

Visit Ortho El Paso at to learn more about our practice and orthopedic surgeons.

God Bless El Paso.