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National Average Wait Times to See a Doctor

You’d be surprised to know how long the average wait at a physician's office is! In El Paso, it’s not good!

When we go to the doctor’s office in the U.S., we spend an average of 19 minutes and 16 seconds waiting to see our physician, according to the national surveyor on this subject, Vital.

Patients waiting for emergency physicians or general practitioners have the longest to wait. Those wait times average 24 minutes, 41 seconds and 22 minutes, respectively.

Wait times also differ by geographic location. Out of the 50 largest cities in the U.S., the following five boast the shortest wait times.
·        Portland, Ore. — 15 minutes, 48 seconds
·        Minneapolis — 15 minutes, 57 seconds
·        Seattle — 15 minutes, 58 seconds
·        Milwaukee — 16 minutes, 4 seconds
·        Omaha, Neb. — 16 minutes, 22 seconds

Disturbingly in the report, it is stated that the longest average waits were 26 minutes, 21 seconds and in El Paso. OMG!!! The longest wait overall clocked nearly 40 minutes; patients waiting for a pain management specialist in El Paso, Texas waited an average of 36 minutes, 38 seconds, according to the report.

That’s NEVER the case at Ortho El Paso or The Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso. Our practice is big enough to have the best surgeons in the city, but small enough to care about your wait times!

For orthopedic pain of the shoulder, elbow, hand, knee or hip, call our office to schedule a “no-wait” consultation with board certified Drs. Jason Vourazeris or Justin S. Mitchell at 915-249-4000 or visit us at to learn more about our practice and doctors in El Paso.