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Meet Gin Lee, Practice Manager

Gin Lee has been the practice manager for OEP since it began 3 years ago.

Gin has extensive experience with business management and client/patient relations after nearly 30 years helping attorneys and doctors manage their legal and medical practices. Her extensive knowledge of front and back office operations provides very valuable to the business owners who depend on her. We feel very lucky to have her!!!

Gin's favorite part of the job is "interacting with the doctors, staff and patients," she says. She is often times a familiar face for our patients because Gin has been an El Paso resident for her entire life. She is always delighted to see someone she knows come into our practice, knowing they have made the right choice for their orthopedic care. It gives the patient much comfort, too, knowing she's there to look after them.

Gin is married and has two sons, Jordn and Evret. But, it is her two grandsons "who really own my heart," she says.

If you are uncertain about who to seek for your orthopedic care, give Gin a call at 915-249-4000. She is your best resource for navigating from consultation to aftercare.

Thank you for all you do, Gin. From all of us at Ortho El Paso and The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso. We love you!