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It is Flu Season. Stay Strong!


September begins the season for flu. That is why most pharmacies and family practice doctors start administering flu shots. Be sure to get yours! 

In addition to the flu shot, there are other ways in which you can strengthen your immune season. Here's more:

1. Exercise boosts immunity. Your cells that ward off disease get activated during and after exercise. Get your heart rate up 30 minutes a day at least 3 days a week is all you need. 

2. Eat fruit. A cup of berries every day helps tremendously. In fact, three servings of fruit a day help reduce the risk for infections.

3. Sleep well. A strong immune system loves healthful rest! But, not just sleep downtime is very or meditation reduces stress but it also help reduce levels of inflammation that have negative effects on your immune system.

4. Add some Vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D is crucial to immunity. These supplements protect your body from respiratory infections when taken daily. 

5. Over the counter Zinc supplements can lessen duration and severity of colds and flu. 

6. Find joy. Mental health is directly connected to immune health. With COVID pandemic, much joy has been stolen, but you can get it back. Find it in the little things: phone a friend, pet a dog, or watch a hilarious Netflix series. Make the moments joyful. It's all about attitude. 

These are our professional recommendations to fight the flu. Our wishes are that you get you flu shot and stay healthy this time of year.