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How to Type Properly to Avoid Injury

Just about everyone uses a keyboard for work these days. We don’t think too much about typing on one, but there are important health reasons to type properly. Here’s why…

Many are surprised to learn that the simple act of typing can lead to ergonomic injury. The repetitive act of typing alone can cause injury to neck, back, shoulder and not just in fingers, wrists and elbows, though that is usually where the pain manifests itself.
So, how does one type correctly to avoid injury? Here’s what we suggest:
Adjust your workstation.
It’s all about comfort…focus on your posture and position. Make sure your keyboard is at a comfortable height for your fingers. Your hands should be about level with your sides while you type…maybe a live above your mid-section. Sit up straight and put your feet flat on the ground. Ergonomically designed workstations can help you with that.
Position your hands.
Keep your wrists elevated. A wrist support can help if you can’t remember to do it self-supported. There is an array of supports available, such as cushion or foam bars to raise your wrists to a height almost level with the keyboard. Use all 10 fingers, too. Youtube videos can teach you the correct finger placement for typing, but ideally, your index fingers should rest on the F and J keys and other fingers fall naturally in place next to the keys in the same row.
The correct act of typing can save you injury and pain. But, if this lesson comes too late and you are suffering, treatment is available. Call Ortho El Paso for a consultation at 915-249-4000.