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How to Safely Ramp Up Your Activities After Lengthy Stay-at-Home Orders

Many of us have all been living a more sedentary life indoors as of lately—not because we really wanted to but because our times dictated that we should. Now, with our state opening up, most of us will be able to rejoin some of the activities we participated in before the coronavirus confined us to our homes. We will be going to back to work, rejoining the gym, and hopefully enjoying some outdoor activities.

It all sounds great but do know that having lived that more sedentary lifestyle, our bodies will need to slowly adjust to more activity. If you’re not careful about re-entry, you could easily sustain injury. Here why…
Even just two months of little to no activity can cause:
• Reduced muscle mass, strength and physical endurance
• Reduced coordination and balance
• Reduced joint flexibility and mobility
• Reduced cardiovascular and respiratory function
• Reduced bone strength
• Increased body fat levels
• Increased blood pressure
Because of this, you’ll want to very carefully ramp up your levels of activity. Maybe choose safe, easy and comfortable forms of exercise like walking, swimming and cycling to start.
Start off slowly and aim for small improvements. Weight training can increase your muscle mass, but start light 8, 5 or even 3 pounds will feel heavier than they did before the rest. We also suggest that check your pulse frequently to make sure you aren’t overdoing it to start. Here’s what to look for when checking your pulse:
Finally, don’t let yourself dehydrate – drink plenty of water.
We hope these tips help you as you increase your levels of activity after lockdown. Have fun and stay safe, friends.