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How to Get Your Best Medical Care from the Doctor

It’s a fact that YOU, not just the doctor, is in charge of your best medical care. What does this mean? It means that doctors can’t possibly be “in the know” at all times on every detail of your medical history, lifestyle and all the things that will affect your treatment and care…UNLESS YOU TELL THEM! To explain what we mean, consider these:

Truthfulness is a must!
For a doctor to make the most accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment, this relies on the information by patients (or their family members) provides. Compassionate care depends on effective communications. A patient must trust the doctor with the most sensitive information because: 1) the doctor has taken an oath not to share this information, and 2) the doctor may not be able to prescribe the best care unless he has all of the facts. Patients cannot withhold, distort, fabricate or lie about information that is crucial to the doctor-patient relationship and effective treatment. And, yes…withholding information means you’re not being truthful, too.

The relationship between doctor and patient is a key to a patient’s care. Doctors and patients are “partners” in the care of the one suffering. Patients should trust their doctor. And, doctors should be able to trust their patients. If this isn’t happening, then a patient should consider looking for another doctor. When you meet our doctor at Ortho El Pso, you’ll meet someone who takes your problem seriously, listens with empathy and becomes your ally in decision making and treatment. Dr. Jason Vourazeris is a doctor you can trust. Dr. V will share all pros and cons of your condition and treatment in a straightforward way. Dr. V is a doctor you can trust!

Courtesy and Respect
Courtesy and respect, not just from the doctor but from the entire medical office-- both administrative and clinical--should provide a sense that you, our valued patient, is important and respected. This is also true of reasonable waiting times and attention to personal comfort. Above all, Ortho El Paso prides itself on the courtesy and respect from everyone in our practice. You’ll see this from the moment you call of our office to the time you first walk in for your appointment. Patient-centered care is Ortho El Paso's commitment and promise to you.

Ortho El Paso genuinely seeks to provide the best in patient-centered medical care to our orthopaedic patients. We feel that is important to immediately gain your trust, engage you in your care and educate you on your condition, so that you can make the best treatment decisions you can. We want every patient to feel that they have been fully informed and satisfied that they are getting the best medical care in El Paso that is possible. But not just that, at Ortho El Paso, we feel like every patient is part of our family and we want them to heal and feel better.

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