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Home Modifications to Prevent Falls


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in people age 65 and older. Common injuries include shoulder and forearm fractures, spine fractures, pelvic and hip fractures along with head injuries.

Rearrange furniture for safety. Ensure no furniture is blocking pathways between rooms.

Reduce clutter. It’s easy to accumulate clutter, such as boxes. Take the time to declutter your home, especially the hallways and stairs.

Install handrails on both sides of the stairs. Each should be 30 inches above the stairs and extend the full length of the stairs.
Install nightlights. Keep the halls/walkways in your home well-lit and consider a nightlight in your bathroom. A clear path is especially helpful when trying to get to the restroom in the middle of the night.

Secure all loose area rugs. Place double-sided carpet tape or slip-resistant backing on all loose rugs around your home, including the bathroom.

Proper storage. Store items that you use on a regular basis within easy reach. For example, clothes, shoes in your bedroom and dishes and cooking equipment in the kitchen.
Install grab bars on the shower wall.

Wear the right footwear. Wear properly-fitting shoes with nonskid soles. Avoid high heels. Tie your shoelaces. Never walk in your stocking feet. Replace slippers that have stretched out of shape and are too loose.

Clean up immediately any liquids, grease, or food spilled on the floor.

Designate a play area. Children may have lots of toys scattered around the house. It’s important to contain those toys in a dedicated play area and clean up the toys after kids are done playing to avoid tripping.

Keep walkways clear. Keep the path between your front door, driveway and mailbox well-lit and clear of debris. | 915-249-4000 for consultation