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Ortho El Paso and The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso are still scheduling appointments and seeing patients. However, your surgery may be delayed. Here's why:
By order of Gov. Abbott, TX, the postponement of non-essential surgeries is ordered in an effort to ensure hospitals beds are available for emergencies related to COVID-19 cases.
The order was announced on Wednesday, March 22, 2020.
"Texas’ hospital capacity — the number of beds available per person in the general population — is about 2.9 beds per 1,000 Texans, according to state regulators. The U.S. rate is about 2.8 beds per 1,000 people," Gov. Abbott reported.
Orthopedic surgeries will be delayed unless there is a:
• Threat to the patient’s life if surgery or procedure is not performed;
• Threat of permanent dysfunction of an extremity or organ system;
• Risk of rapidly worsening to severe symptoms.
While respecting this very important order with delayed surgery scheduling, we are still seeing patients. Your surgery may be a bit delayed, but we are able to diagnose and provide treatment options that will help ease pain until your surgery is scheduled.
If you are suffering from severe pain from orthopedic injury, schedule your consultation and you will be seen. Please call 915-249-4000 to schedule your appointment.