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Hammer and Nail Injuries

OUCH! Missed hammer hits hurt when they land on the finger. You know how bad it hurts if you've ever had one.

Here is some good advice for hammering, as we have seen some pretty bad finger and hand injuries when not doing it correctly:

Check your hammer before you use it. Hammers deteriorate and are dangerous. They should be checked for cracks, chips, or splintering: causes for one to break and hurt us.

Wield the hammer carefully. When hammering a nail, remember to always hit the surface that you are hammering squarely rather than at a strange angle. That is when most hammers slip and hit the finger.

Wear protective eye wear when hammering. Many people forget to wear safety goggle when using a hammer. Misses may cause nails to pop up and hit the eye.

Keep your injury clean. The most common effect of a hammer injury is a blackened nail. The nail even may fall off and a new one grows in place. Sometimes, those injuries can become infected. Keep your injury clean and watch out for redness or puffiness. If it persists where the injury occurred, see the doctor to ensure there is not a more serious infection.