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Everything’s Going 'Tibia' Alright

The tibia, or shinbone, is the most commonly fractured long bone in the body. A tibial shaft fracture occurs along the length of the bone, below the knee and above the ankle. It typically takes a major force to cause this type of broken leg.

Here is a typical example of a tibia injury and treatment:

A high school football player fell while running patterns at a game.  The player had sustained a twisting injury to his lower left leg. He came to see the orthopedic surgeon and it was revealed he had a tibia fracture.

The player was initially placed in a long leg cast. Surgery was eventually performed with insertion of a nail and locking screws. He returned for regular follow-up and healed successfully. At the time of his latest follow-up visit, 9 months following the tibia fracture surgery, he has exjoyed excellent results including a healed distal tibia fracture that is in good alignment, no pain, and a return to football at the high school.

Every situation is different, but children and/or young adults heal relatively fast. In general, recovery for a tibia fracture takes about 3-6 months while stress fractures usually take 6-8 weeks. The healing time can be quicker by taking the right steps.
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