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Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.

You’ve probably heard someone say that, or said it yourself. It’s usually about “taking a stand” against something in order to make a difference. But, let’s talk about sitting as it refers to your orthopedic health.

Too much sitting can have adverse health effects. A sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting for 10-12 hours a day is proven to increase a risk for bad bone and joint health. But, not just that, too much sitting can also create chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and some cancers. Why? Because sitting around all day will cause one to gain weight. And, that weight gain will cause some or all of these health issues.

Older adults who aren’t active may be more likely to get osteoporosis (weakened bones) and could slowly become unable to perform basic tasks of everyday life.

So, our professional advice is TAKE A STAND AGAINST SITTING! Here’s how you can do that, especially if your workay includes hours at a desk:

Stand up and stretch every half hour or so. Touch your toes. Take a stroll around the office.

Stand at your desk for part of the day. Get a desk that raises or make your own. Set your computer on top of a box.

Get a small, portable treadmill and put it in your office…and use it!

All these things can help stop the negative effects of too much sitting and keep you (and your bones) on a road to continued good health.