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Common Hand Injuries While Playing Basketball

Enjoying the NCAA tournament? We sure are!

We are seeing some hand injuries...thankfully just mostly sprains and jammed fingers. Common sprains in basketball include thumb wrist. While sprains can typically be treated with non-invasive measures such as rest, the use of splints and corticosteroid shots, some more serious cases may require surgery.

Finger fractures are also another common basketball injury, often occuring as the result of a hard pass hitting the finger, running into another player or falling on an extended hand to the court floor. Although the bones in the hands and fingers are very small, a fracture can put the whole hand out of alignment, sidelining a player. This requires immediate attention from the orthopedic surgeon.
Dribbling, passing, catching, and shooting the basketball means that the hands, wrists, and elbows can get quite the workout and not always without injury.