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Can Meditation Help Reduce Pain? It Can’t Hurt!

Pain causes stress and stress worsens pain. Many times, pain management requires prescribed medication. But, what if you were able to better manage the pain with the addition of meditation. We’ve heard from many that it works.

There are some hospital pain therapies that do include meditation, especially for patients suffering from cancer (or its side effects), diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. In fact, we once heard a story from a cancer patient who had difficulty enduring the side effects of anti-nausea and chemotherapy drugs until she learned to meditate. She would visualize the pain and nausea getting dump into a roaring river before it could reach her and. She would continue with this visual image until the pain or nausea would pass. This type of meditation is called Autogenic Training, whereby visual imagery can help you relax. Though not medically supported, this type of meditation worked for her so we don’t doubt it can work for others.

Meditation is basically brain training. There are studies that suggest that meditation may help some people manage pain. Here’s what one study from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said it learned from its results:
“Depending on what type of meditation you choose to do, it comes down to spending a few minutes (or longer) focusing your attention on one thing -- such as your breathing or a word or phrase that inspires or comforts you. Directing your attention on the one thing you chose to focus on can help ease pain and stress.”

Meditation is safe to try in addition to (not instead of) treatments that a doctor recommends. It’s worth a try because it’s something anyone can do…any time. If it reduces your stress and pain, keep doing it.

The best way to learn meditation techniques is with the help of a trained practitioner, but check with the doctor first.

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