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Are You Ready for Some Fooootbaaaalllll? Some Are Not!

Every week the NFL produces a list of the injured professional players, as published here by CBS Sports ( While the injuries range from everything from hands to shoulders to groin, the most common of football injuries is ACL and the knee.

Torn ACLs (anterior cruciate ligament) re the most common of injuries that occurs in football. An ACL football injury occurs when the ligament is subjected to too much stress. This can happen as the result of sudden impact such as a tackle, but more often than not ACL football injuries are the result of landing or pivoting poorly. When an athlete’s knee turns but her foot doesn’t, an ACL tear can happen. 

Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury usually include:
·        A loud "pop" or a "popping" sensation in the knee.
·        Severe pain and inability to continue activity.
·        Swelling that begins within a few hours.
·        Loss of range of motion.
·        A feeling of instability or "giving way" with weight bearing.
Because football requires running, pivoting, pitching and long throws, a strong ACL is required. Having a torn ACL severely inhibits the ability to run and play the sport—or even walk-- comfortably.

A torn ACL usually requires surgery for a player to be able to return to playing the game. Without reconstruction of the ACL, most players will have knee instabilityand will be unable to continue to play footbal. Few patients with a torn ACL can avoid surgery by sitting out and  getting physical therapy. But, may, eventually opt for surgery for a full and total recovery and to return to the game.
After surgery, a player will be able to move his knee immediately and go home the same day. Sometimes a brace is recommended for the recovery period. Physical therapy and strengthening exercises for the knee are generally required for every case.

Within 6-8 months of treatment for an ACL football injury, most athletes have fully recovered and are able to resume playing at levels comparable to before their injury.

If you are suffering from an ACL injury in El Paso and want to get back into the game, call the offices of Ortho El Paso for your best treatment by our board certified orthopaedic surgeon.