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Almost 11 Years. That\'s the Average Length of an MLB Pitcher\'s Career

10.97: that's how many years an MLB pitcher's career is on average. To compute those years to number how many innings the pitcher pitched per year over the course of their career, and it is 85.35.

So, why is a pitcher's career so short?
Pitching is an unnatural movement that puts high stress on the elbow and shoulder joints. As it does with the bicep tendon, the repeated motion of pitching can cause irritation in the rotator cuff, the foursome of muscles between your collarbone and your arm. Tendinitis in this spot can be felt both during pitching and at rest, depending on severity. It can also limit the shoulder's range of motion. In fact, nearly every starting pitcher is 1% more likely to hit the injury list every year they pitch.

Injury is not limited to the professionals. Even young pitchers develop issues with injury as they pitch more and more, especially in our part of the country (and with mild weather) that permits them to play year 'round with little rest to their young and developing arms.

Baseball is a great sport, no doubt. Pitcher injuries, however, are a consequence of play and need to be spotted immediately for proper care and treatment. Here are some signs and symptoms of pitching injuries you should look out for:
o Shoulder and/or elbow pain when throwing
o Pain and soreness that persists after throwing for two to three days
o Swelling or tenderness around the upper arm
o Longer time to warm-up
o Worsening performance
o Significant loss of velocity
o Loss of control during pitching

Dr. Jason Vourazeris, orthopedic surgeon at Ortho El Paso, specializes in the treatment and care of shoulders. He is board-certified and successfully completed a Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship at the University of Florida under the mentorship of world-renowned shoulder surgeon, Thomas Wright, M.D. While there, Dr. V also had the unique opportunity to work with the team physicians for the nationally ranked University of Florida Gators sports teams.

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