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Adaptive Equipment or Devices for Those Who Have Limited Use of the Hand


Adaptive equipment are devices used to assist with a person’s ability to perform daily activities of simple living. They are most commonly used by patients who suffer from diseases or injuries of the hand(s). For these people, simple activities like bathing, dressing, grooming or even feeding one’s self can be difficult. Disabling conditions of arthritis, aging or other physical changes like traumatic injury to the hand are why adaptive devices are readily available to help a sufferer perform self-care actions themselves.

With the hands, arthritis can make it difficult to use the most standard utensils or tools. Gripping is difficult for those who suffer from the disease. And, others who have certain birth defects or traumatic injury of the hand may also need help with various assistive devices to perform certain gripping or grasping task used in everyday life. For example, writing with a pen or using scissors can be difficult because the sufferer cannot grip. Modifications like strapping the pen to the hand or using “rolling scissors” that automatically make cuts are available as devices to assist with these tasks. Jars, too, are difficult for some to open and close because the ability to grasp is impossible. Using a key to open the door seems simple for any one, but it is extremely difficult for those who have arthritis of the thumb joints. There are a variety of grasping tools that can help with opening jars and assist with using keys to open doors.

Adaptive living devices can be used to help the elderly, disabled, injured and those suffering from arthritis to accomplish everyday activities. They also improve quality of life because they provide more independent living. If you are suffering from conditions of the hand that limit the activities you need to do on a daily basis, schedule an appointment with The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso. Dr. Justin S. Mitchell, board certified orthopaedic surgeon, can help you understand the limitations of your conditions and explore adaptive devices that will provide you with more independence.

Adaptive devices are covered by most insurance policies. Call The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso at 915-249-4000 for a consultation or visit us at to learn more.