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A Warning to the Weekend Sports Warrior

“It was just doing a layup, and…”

We can hardly wait for the weekend now that our parks are opening back up. After long weeks of sitting at home, working at the computer and eating more, we can finally go outdoors. First, heed rules and safety warnings in your area for outdoor play. And, also know that because of your recent sedentary lifestyle you may not be in the best physical shape to suddenly engage in a most strenuous sports activity, therefore risking injury.

The most common of injuries to the ‘weekend sports warrior’ include:
• Achilles tendon rupture
• Tennis elbow
• Ankle sprain
• Wrist sprain
• ACL tears
• Hip and knee strains

A pickup game at the park may be tempting. Got for it (if it’s permitted)…just be safe. Stretch first and if you haven’t exercised in a while, take it a little easier. If you get fatigued, take a break. Here’s an interesting fact: roughly 60% of injuries occur in the second half of games, suggesting that fatigue plays a big part.

To remain safe from injury, maybe a good game of H.O.R.S.E. is best to start or until a time you can exercise and stretch on a regular basis. Even just 20 minutes a day is likely to keep the weekend sports warrior fit enough to aggressively pursue that open lane for the most epic layup of all!

Hopefully, our warning doesn’t come too late. If it does, here’s our contact info. Stay safe and well, friends.

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