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Why You Shouldn\'t Google Symptoms for Medical Advice

How many times have you been sick and decided to Google your symptoms online? Probably more than once. Here’s why it IS NOT a good idea to do this:

  1. You don’t know how reliable the source is. Anyone can publish anything on the internet. That’s why you DON’T want to take the advice it offers. You’ll actually notice that most reliable medical sites, like ours, do not offer medical advice at our website. Our recommendation is to always seek medical attention if you have symptoms of pain or illness.
  2. You are likely to misdiagnose yourself. Bad advice might send you to the wrong doctor…and start you down a path for misdiagnosis, delaying your treatment. It’s always best to see your primary care doctor when you first suspect you have an injury or illness. They’ll then refer you for the best treatment.
  3. You could delay treatment when you really need it. Symptoms do indicate something may be wrong. Sometimes, a short delay in seeking the right doctor’s help could end up having some pretty dire consequences.
  4. You might add to your symptoms. Like the meme, Googling symptoms will come up with the most extreme answers. If you are already feeling bad, this may only enhance your symptoms ... of anxiety.

Ortho El Paso writes this post not to tell you that you shouldn’t go to the doctor. We do it to tell you that you SHOULD. Your primary care doctor is always the best place for you to start if you have symptoms of illness or pain. The minute you feel something is not right, call to make an appointment. They’ll properly diagnose you and point you in the right direction for treatment.

For orthopaedic treatment and care, Ortho El Paso is your best source for board certified, highly skilled doctors AND ADVICE. Call for a consultation at 915-249-4000.