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What You\'ll Learn From Attending One of Our Free Seminars

Giving 60 to 90 minutes is the first step in improving the quality of your life if you suffer from joint, muscle or other orthopedic pain.

In conjuction with The Hospitals of Providence, the doctors of Ortho El Paso and The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso generously give of their time and knowledge, after hours, to conduct free seminars on orthopaedic issues for the people of El Paso who might be greatly limited in activity and enjoyment because of pain and/or loss of mobility.

The general information seminars that we conduct cover the following :

Why do I have this pain and/or immobility?
What are the treatment options?
What can I expect if surgery is required?
How long is recovery?
Who will be my doctor/surgeon?
What insurance is accepted?
How do I schedule the consultation?

The seminars are absolutely free and there is never any obligation or selling of anything. We do this as part of our mission and service to our community. We feel that is our duty and honor to keep you well informed and educated on the options you have as a sufferer of orthopaedic pain and potential patient of ours.

For more information on our two upcoming seminars on Shoulder Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, visit where we list all details.