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The Trickle-down Effect of Chronic Pain

When feeling pain, it affects more than just the area inflamed. In fact, there are responses felt in other parts of your body that can be just as painful. That’s why it’s best to seek treatment sooner than later for chronic pain so that other systems in the body are not suffering as well.

Here’s are the just some of the trickle-down effects felts by many who experience chronic pain:

Fear: Your brain reacts to signal of pain, creates a fear that something is dangerous or really wrong and causes your heart to race. And, fear causes stress. Read on…

Stress: Ongoing pain can stress the body and the person. And, constant anxiety can create lasting damage. Stress has also been linked to inflammation in the heart. Too much stress can cause depression…

Depression: Many factors are thought to contribute depression…pain being one of those. Depression requires treatment or has serious consequences.
These are the trickle-down effects of chronic pain. The best way to avoid ‘em…TREAT THE PAIN!

Live your best life by treating your chronic pain.

If you are suffering from pain of joints and bones, at the very least, schedule a consultation with one of our orthopaedic surgeons. We treat hand pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain and hip pain. Call 915-249-4000 and seek relief today.