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The Benefits of Physical Activity on Health

Today, there is a lot of “noise” driven by the latest fad in exercise and weight loss indicating that if you aren’t doing that particular program, you’ll never enjoy any results from diet and exercise. Granted some of it does work, but we say that ultimately a simple and balanced diet and minimal exercise program is all you really need to maintain good physical health. The doctors of Ortho El Paso are true supporters of this program!

At Ortho El Paso, we’ve seen numerous patients meet and exceed their health goals through healthy diets and simple exercise. Some were required to before we’d perform any surgeries or further treatment programs. And, some who we suspected could benefit from surgery before they started their diet and exercise plan actually healed themselves with a committed diet and exercise program and no longer needed it. The point is, maybe good healthy food and a walk around the block is all you really need to make joints and bones feel better. If it’s not what you are already doing, it’s worth at least a try. Surgery should be your last resort!

The benefits of physical activity on health have been proven time and time again…in health research, the gym and in individuals. Ortho El Paso encourages each of you to consider diet and exercise as an alternative to complacency which may ultimately leads to surgery for some patients. 

If you need to be seen due to pain or injury of bones or joints or need advice on how physical activity may help you with joint pain, contact us for a consultation. We can help! 

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