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Spring Baseball Season is Here!

Right now in Florida and Arizona, professional baseball players have started training for the upcoming season. Spring training, however, is not about how fast you can run or throw the ball, it’s more about an overall physical preparation of the body and joints for what’s to come.Some typical and safe exercises professional baseball players do at training camp can include:

  • High knee step-ups: Step-up onto a bench and lift a tucked in knee towards your chest
  • Sprints: Start off with a light jog, then sprint as fast as you can, counting down from 50
  • Crouching squats: Pretend you are behind the plate with these strength-building squat and stand up then squat down
  • Mountain climbers
  • Anything to challenge the core: planks, sit ups, pull ups
  •…/05/21/10-key-weight-training-exercises-… if considering a weight training exercise at the gym.

After you’ve been through a little pre-season training, you should be ready for more specialized baseball training to enhance your speed, hitting, fielding ability, and throwing strength…the type of training you will be coached on the field with.
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