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Preventing Falls

Did you know that falls account for more than 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency rooms every year? It's true. And, falls are the most common cause of trauma-related hospital admissions for people ages 65 or older.

People suffer falls for many reasons: tripping and loss of footing, balance issues, reduced muscle strength, poor vision or other illness…or they may be taking a powerful medicine or drinking alcohol.  While some falls are symptoms of a medical issue, some can be prevented. Learning how to prevent falls can help you avoid broken bones and the long lasting problems they can cause.
So, how can you prevent falling? Here are some ways you can lower your risk of falling:

  • If you feel unstable due to a medical condition or are taking medications, use a cane or walker
  • Keep rooms (floors) free of clutter
  • Be sure that your rugs have skid-proof backs or are tacked to the floor
  • Use carpet runners in tile hallways
  • Do not walk around in socks, stockings, or slippers
  • Women: wear low-heeled shoes if you feel unstable in high heels
  • Be sure stairs are well lit
  • Install railings on both sides of all stairwells
  • Put grab bars on bathroom walls near tub, shower, and toilet and use a nonskid bath mat in the shower or tub
  • Use a nightlight on your path to the bathroom
  • Make sure all rooms have adequate lighting

Falls, with or without injury, can greatly impact the quality of one’s life and should be prevented at all costs. A conscious effort to prevent falls by doing some simple things, like those mentioned above, is your best defense against them.

If you are experiencing pain from a fall, you need to see an orthopaedic specialist immediately. You may have a serious injury. Ortho El Paso can properly diagnose and treat your injury. To schedule a consultation, call 915-249-4000. Or, schedule at