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Noisy Knees: Is it a Sign That You Need to Visit the Orthopaedic Specialist?

Ortho El Paso would ask a next question in order to answer this one…is there pain with that noise?

If noise in the knees occurs without pain, it is unlikely you have arthritis or anything wrong with your knees. Some people will always have noise in the knees when they squat or bend. But, if the noise is accompanied by pain, then yes, it is a symptom of something more serious.

The medical definition of knee creaking and popping is sometimes called “crepitus.” Crepitus under the skin and in the joints is due to the presence of air bubbles caught in tissue. It doesn’t only occur in the knees, it may also be why many people are able to crack their knuckles in their hands without pain.

Crepitus is harmless, but if it has started because of an accident or injury and there is pain or swelling, you need to seek medical attention.

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