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Minimize Joint Pain With a Better Sleeping Position


Sometimes the soreness one feels after a night’s sleep isn’t necessarily due to having a bad mattress. Sometimes it’s the sleeping position that creates the pressure that is causing you pain.
So what is the best sleeping position to minimize soreness? The answer is there really isn’t just one. But, some orthopaedic specialists suggests that posture at bedtime can be as important as it is during your waking hours. Properly sleeping on your back or side requires attention to the natural curves of your body.
Here are some suggestions that may work for you to minimize painful stress points and best support your body as you sleep:
Back Sleeping for Less Back Pain
If you have back pain, trying sleeping on your back to alleviate some of it. Keep your spine aligned by wedging a firm pillow or under your knees. This will help you support your lower back and may minimize your pain. If the pain persists or gets worse, consult your orthopaedic specialist immediately. You may have a more serious injury.
Back Sleeping for Less Neck Pain
For some, it may help to relieve neck pain to use a rounded neck pillow and place a flat pillow under the neck and sleep on your back. Again, for neck pain, consult with your orthopaedic specialists to better understand where your pain is coming from and see if this sleeping position will actually help you.
Side Sleeping for Less Shoulder Pain
If you sleep on your side, hug a pillow to minimize shoulder pain. This will take stress off of your shoulder, especially if you do not rotate sides. Try to never sleep with both arms above your head. Persistent pain needs to be seen by an orthopaedic specialist.
Side Sleeping for Less Hip Pain
If you have hip pain on one side, sleep on the other side. Draw you knees up and place a pillow between them to keep your hips aligned. For severe pain, consult with your orthopaedic specialist.
Back or Side Sleeping for Less Knee Pain
If on your back, put a pillow under your knees for support. On your side, keep your knee in a flexed position to minimize pain. Try to never sleep with your legs crossed. If you have knee pain due to injury, you should see an orthopaedic specialist.
How you sleep may make a difference when it comes to alleviating pain and soreness in your joints. Ortho El Paso recommends these simple suggestions for better sleep and less pain but if you still feel pain, call us for a consultation.