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Hand Pain and the Causes

Could you imagine not being able to hold hands with your grandchild or other loved one without pain? Or, not being able to pick up dinner dishes after a meal only to sit there while someone else has to clean up after you? Or, never playing tennis again? That’s what is real for some people who suffer from pain in their hands.

Sometimes the slightest injury can cause the most excruciating pain. That is certainly true of those who suffer hand pain. Ortho El Paso invites you to read on to see what causes such bad injuries in the hand so you can relate and perhaps decide whether or not you need to seek treatment.

The most common cause of hand pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. That is when a repetitive motion has likely caused damage to the hand or wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is very painful in the hand and fingers because a major nerve that passes over the “carpal bones” and through the front of the wrist and alongside tendons of the hand is being squeezed and compressed. And that hurts…bad!
The damage caused by carpal tunnel syndrome is not reversible. You can quit the motion that caused the injury to relieve some of the pain, but that is not likely to cure it. Surgery is many times a best option to cure carpal tunnel syndrome. It is typically a minor procedure done under local anesthetic and you can go home after on the same day.

But, hand pain can happen for more reasons than just repetitive motion. Diabetes can create nerve damage that results in burning sensations, numbness and/or tingling in the hands. Unfortunate cases of where chemotherapy has had side effects that cause hand and finger pain are seen every day. There are treatments and medications that can help ease these nerve conditions of the hand. Surgery is not likely a treatment for nerve damage, but the orthopaedic surgeon can help you find other options for relief.

Finally, a lesser severe condition of the hand suffered is tendinitis. Athletes can suffer from tendinitis when their sport requires much use of the thumb and hand. Tendinitis is inflammation at the thumb side of the wrist, that is why it is a very common hand injury with tennis players. It causes much discomfort and pain and if it gets in the way of your athletic workouts, it should be addressed medically.

Many times, resting from the activity, splinting the injury and medications, like cortisone shots, can help heal tendinitis. More severe cases may require surgery.

At Ortho El Paso, we treat painful conditions of the hand. Call today for a consultation if you are experiencing lingering pain in your fingers, hand or wrist. We can help!  915-249-4000