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Exercises You Should Avoid To Prevent Shoulder Pain

In sports medicine terms, “contraindication exercise” refers to the dangers of certain movements in an exercise that may cause harm or injury.…/505755-definition-of-contraind…/
Ortho El Paso takes a look some weight baring exercises that you may want to avoid because they have potential to cause serious injury to the shoulders if not done properly or overused in your athletic training. (Please note that we are not suggesting that everyone would be at risk performing these exercises, but medical statistics show that over time, if they are not executed properly, they will cause major shoulder injuries. Ortho El Paso also recommends that anyone who is starting a weight training program, consult with a certified weight training professional first. Proper use of equipment and performance in trainings will minimize your risk for pain and injury.)

Bench Dips
(pictured) Injuries to your deltoids and rotator cuff muscles are at risk with this contraindication exercise. Bursae may also be a problem. For many, this exercise will create shoulder issues and pain and should never be a part of an exercise training program.

Behind the Neck Lateral Pulldowns
Behind the neck lat pulldowns require total control in order to do them safely. Improper posture while performing this weight training exercise could lead to shoulder injuries. Seek training from a professional before beginning a weight training program that involves behind the neck pulldowns.

Upright Rows
This popular training exercise is great for chest and shoulders. However, the risk for shoulder injury is pretty high if not trained on how to perform it properly because it bares the load on the shoulders. It is recommended by medical trainers is that you should only raise the weight to the level of your chest. Any higher, and you risk shoulder impingement.

Behind the Neck Shoulder Presses
Behind the neck shoulder presses require the raising of a barbell over the head. This movement requires both flexibility and strength. Unless executed perfectly, the movement can lead to serious injury. If you are experiencing any strain doing behind the neck shoulder presses, quit immediately.

Ortho El Paso’s, Dr. Jason Vourazeris, is an orthopaedic surgeon with specific fellowship training in the treatment of shoulders and elbows. Learn more about Dr. V and Ortho El Paso by visiting If you are experiencing pain or weakness in your shoulders or elbows, schedule a consultation with Dr. V by calling 915-249-4000.