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Enjoy More Comfort and Less Stress While Traveling During the Holidays

It’s officially the start to the holiday season! And, many of us will travel to see loved ones throughout the holidays. For some, it requires a long, uncomfortable trip that is hard on bones and joints. The results include achy bodies and fatigue. In order to help battle the health implications from a challenging road trip, consider the following tips:

Make Stops During Long Trips
Build several stops into your timeline when planning your road trip– particularly if you have children or older adults that will be traveling with you. Stopping every few hours to stretch and/or walk around is a wise idea to help improve blood flow throughout the body.

Get Comfortable
When many people are traveling in the same car, chances are that you will encounter some differences in comfort, including temperature preferences. To avoid being overly cold or hot, take precautions by having blankets within easy reach for the cold passengers. Directly point the air conditioning vents at the warmer passengers. Additionally, be sure to dress comfortably–loose fitting clothing, like sweats, are ideal for long road trips.

Pay Attention to Posture
Your posture is extremely important to help avoid achy muscles, especially for the driver. Set your seat so that you don’t have to stretch to reach the steering wheel. Avoid slouching and consider using a small pillow to support the small of your back. Use cruise control when you can so that you can keep your feet rested on the floor–a position that is easier on your back and hip.

Don’t Stress Out
Part of having a less stressful road trip involves planning ahead. Once you’re in the car, though, you can help to reduce your stress level by playing music softly or bringing headphones and individual electronic devices for individual preference. Also, using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to remain calm in traffic. You might also consider downloading the WAZE app. That way, you can get a heads up about upcoming traffic and learn about alternate routes from other drivers.

These tips should help you keep more comfortable during long trips. Travel safe  and happy holidays to all of our El Paso friends and families!