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Eating Right Can Help Ease Pain From Arthritis


​There are certain foods with the proper nutrients that can actually reduce inflammation and alleviate the pain of arthritis.  Foods with anti-inflammatory properties and specific benefits for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) include fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds and beans. Results have shown improvements in pain, morning stiffness and physical function by those who suffer from RA when consuming these foods because they help prevent the production of pro-inflammatory enzymes…the same way ibuprofen does.
Researchers have also found that green tea can reduce the severity of arthritis because the antioxidants can cause changes in various immune responses. Green tea is known to have superior anti-inflammatory effects for some people.
Several more studies have reported that a high fiber diet can help reduce inflammation, as well. Oatmeal, brown and wild rice, beans, barley and quinoa are excellent sources of fiberous whole grains that should help.
And, finally, brussel sprouts and cabbage added to a diet are known to slow joint destruction.
Having a nutritious diet that includes the foods mentioned above can greatly help your orthopedic health and lessen the pain of arthritis. To significantly reduce pain and improve physical function, try these foods as suggested by Ortho El Paso. If you continue to experience joint pain or inflammation from osteoarthritis, give us a call to schedule a consultation. Ortho El Paso will properly diagnose and treat your condition. Call us at 915-249-4000 or schedule at
(Pictured is an arthritis-friendly anti-inflammatory salmon salad)