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Core Values of Ortho El Paso

At Ortho El Paso and The Precision Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso, we strive to deliver the highest quality orthopedic and sports medicine care to patients and athletes of all ages. Our care is based around these four core values, which we strive to achieve in all aspects of care:

1. Patient-centered Care
We feel it is important to engage the patient in the decision making process of his or her care. We want every patient to leave fully informed and satisfied.

2. Quality Care
We measure the quality of our service across multiple areas of care: excellent surgical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and efficiency of care. We constantly reevaluate our practice to provide the highest level of care.

3. Innovation
We strive to foster a workplace that invites innovation and better ways of serving the people of El Paso at our practice.

4. Commitment to Education
We value continuing education and seeking ways to increase the quality of care and find ways to do things better at all levels of operation.