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Bring on the Madness—March Madness and Basketball!!!

This month is what many of us look forward to all year, the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament. Do you have your bracket ready?

While most of us aren’t in the NCAA games,  some of us do play the intermural sport of basketball. But, beware…because even for the most skilled player, basketball can mean injuries including sprained ankles, torn ligaments, broken or jammed fingers, and stress fractures. These are the most common basketball injuries.

To prevent injury, there may be some things you can do. Here are few suggestions:
Stretch and warm up. This can be done by quick sprints on the court, slow lay-ups and floor exercises before you start your game.

Get in shape. Before you even consider joining a team, make sure you are prepared by practicing and getting in good physical shape.

Wear the proper gear. This can come in the form of mouthguard, tennis shoes, shorts, knee braces and other.

If our warnings and suggestions come too late and you have endured a basketball injury, get a consultation immediately. The sooner the better for your best (and quickest) healing. We’ll get you back in the game at Ortho El Paso and The Hand Surgery Center at Ortho El Paso. Call 915-249-4000 for an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon.